Shopify Expert India introduces WordPress along with the Shopify


Are you waiting for the correct time to start selling on WordPress? Well, the wait is finally over. Now, you can add WordPress e-commerce to your website with ease. Also, you get all the features and security that comes with Shopify.

Shopify Expert India introduces certain eye-catchy themes along with the features of Shopify. These themes and plug-ins would allow you to add as many products you want without any hassle. Moreover, you also get to add pages and blogs with the help of WordPress without leaving WordPress. Very intelligent. Isn’t it?

So, you will get to manage pages and blog posts with the help of WordPress. But, you get to manage everything else like payments, shipping, and others on Shopify. So, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Why Shopify?

Now, there are various reasons to use this platform. Firstly, it offers a secure shopping cart along with 70 different payment gateways. Also, there are multiple languages available. Shopify is all about ease of use and simpler navigation. It can also manage automatic tax calculations and flexible shipping options. That is why Hire Shopify Developer and start making the most of these features.


Diverse themes to attract the right set of audience to your website

Well, the Shopify Development Company knows that a website’s look and feel grabs the attention of a visitor for about 3 minutes. So, it is crucial to maintaining the appearance of your website. That is why there are 3 good looking themes for your website.

Themezilla – This is a portfolio type of website that will help you display your products in an amazing manner. Also, it is one of the effective methods to help merchants sell online.

Themify – This allows customization to a great extent. In fact, it has superior customization options. Hence, it allows you to have exciting visual effects that let you showcase your products in an unusual manner.

Pulse – This is especially helpful for those who are looking to sell only a single product. This WordPress theme makes the best use of buttons that will help visitors buy with a single click.

Now, Shopify Expert India makes use of all these themes to provide the users with a functional website.

What is the main change of monetizing your WordPress website with the Shopify platform?

Well, the primary change is that you can make any page or blog shoppable with the help of these. So, it is an excellent method to improve the user experience as well. You will also get a shopping cart. So, this will help your customers store multiple products before actually buying them.

Also, you get to incorporate the buy button on any sidebar of a page or a blog post. This increases the chances of getting clicked by your prospective customers.

Get in touch with the Shopify Expert India as soon as possible.


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