Month: September 2017

Let’s make Nodejs Development Our Next Choice with Fascinating features.

Let’s make Nodejs Development Our Next Choice with Fascinating features.

For creating server-side applications and is best known as a popular means for JavaScript programmers to build real-time Web APIs. As we all know, javascript is eating the world with current trends so let’s eat the technology together. A prominent source has stated that Nodejs is a compilation packaged from GOOGLE’s V8 javascript engine. Also, the creator of NodeJs, Ryan Dahl was determined to create real-time websites with push capability. The creator of Nodejs was aiming to make something like Gmail. To get into this non-blocking, event-driven I/O paradigm technology we should see some of the features of it. For making any API, developers run for choosing Nodejs and why it is so? It will be in your knowledge after having superiority of Nodejs development.

Let’s examine here some of the captivating features of Nodejs Web Development technology – leading server-side APIs

  1. Javascript Object Notation:


We call JSON to a javascript Object Notation. The developer’s community understands the importance of both equally. In the previous times, the manipulation of data and filtration was done manually. Because there wasn’t any way to alter the technique. With the use of NodeJs technology, we have JSON. In which, the data is automatically arranged into a javascript object. We have the two main assets due to JSON only and that is MongoDB and CouchDB. Definitely this not need any introduction to the developers.

  1. Why is Javascript global?


From the very earlier learning of computer science, we people love to work with object-oriented languages. Javascript is one of those. As it is known for its speedup behaviour and C- like features, it becomes an epitome for doing tasks with. The combination of Nodejs web development and Javascript has just yelled around the world. Competing implementation teams have made JavaScript interpreters become more forward so that Google’s V8 engine is respectably fast to reside at the core of Node.js. The event loop mechanism has kept its simplicity so the developers can find an ease.

  1. Node Package Manager


The Node Package Manager is known for the management of libraries at great extent. The Node Package Manager works best for the deployment systems and is known for interoperability. It means for the Platform as a service software, one can easily move the smaller applications between the providers.


  1. Instrumentation


An application made from Nodejs will be very good for production usage. Because the tools of Nodejs are ready to full protection and good performance. It goes without saying that, developers community seeks next version of Nodejs in quick time.


Nodejs is indeed a prominent technology to use and implement in your app development. Developers love to work with this. The success ratio of Nodejs is higher day by day so one can hire Nodejs Developer for an advanced step in.

What is Developer’s First Choice for Web Applications? The Zend Framework!

What is Developer’s First Choice for Web Applications? The Zend Framework!

PHP is nowadays becoming the foremost choice of developer’s finger. As it provides a number of frameworks to be simply on the websites. People used to choose according to their basic requisites and comfort. It has contributed almost best of the versions of it. Here on of the latest and best in the industry framework for PHP will be the talk of the tongue. Basically, Zend framework is an open source, object-oriented web application framework implemented in PHP 5 and licensed under the new BSD license.

What is the Zend Framework(ZF)?

It is known as the professional PHP package to run with PHP 7. It is a completely open source as it is from PHP. It is engineered with performance tuning in developer’s mind. It’s later version Zend Framework 3 runs up to 4x faster than version 2 releases. It follows an open architecture with middleware and follows the PHP-FIG standards.

What does it have?

Almost all Zend Development Company has accepted that the Zend Framework is highly built with security best practices. It stores passwords using different key essentials. For an instance, it uses crypt, encryption with AES-256 and different algorithms. The credentials security is taken on a serious note for Zend.

Additionally, it has extended classes feature like never before. Its extensive uses fully object oriented approach to like inheritance and interfaces.  It takes everything as an object which can make most of the code reusable. Developer need not repeat dozens of line of code for rapid development.

Another important factor is, it has the bunch of classes. One can simply use the components of a Zend framework Development as needed. It means a developer need not cope with the whole library. It is quite decoupled so be selective and start coding as you want with minimal components.

Why is it so beneficial?


MVC Architecture: Nowadays, Model View Controller is a well-known design pattern that delimitates the database and business logic from the presentation layer. It is completely supported by the Zend Framework.

In- built comprehensive Validators: As with major PHP framework, you no longer need to manually enter all the validation criteria for your forms. One needs to just instantiate a new form validator object and instruct it as needed.

Class-library: It provides High-quality, object-oriented PHP 5 class library – attention to best practices like design patterns, unit testing, and loose coupling.

Web services: yes, Zend framework has now covered almost the web services over the PHP web development. Because now it allows to consume and publish web services.

Meaningful and Attractive URLs: PHP web development is known for it’s attractive and competitive stand out URLs the Zend framework owes the same.

Stand out for data access: It provides easy access to data and saves from complications in regarding it. Can make simple interaction with web 2.0 applications.

Conclusion says.

Now it is up to customers, clients whatever we call. PHP is known for creating all new frameworks, developing and providing platforms as per the client’s need. Zend framework is one of those epitomes of PHP web development. One should Hire Zend Developers to grow more with innovation and splendid performance.