Month: November 2017

WordPress offers Intelligent Plugins to Design Your Website

WordPress offers Intelligent Plugins to Design Your Website

Designing a website with no such intelligent tools seeks a great computer programming geek to present there. And when we get fail to do that, we fail to give the best at website development. It’s a boon WordPress to give developers a great platform through the intelligent plugins. Because there will not be any requirement to make developers think, but the plugins will do everything by themselves. WordPress web development is a popular content management system and a great platform for building a website at a quick pace with an asset of intelligence. It has made a different way of building intelligent web tools – our current websites whichever built on the WordPress.

Let’s introduce some of the great WordPress plugins

  • Hummingbird

Google suggests developers make site optimized that don’t take much time to load. Even not more than the 2 seconds. The site that takes more to load in the very first instance, users will leave it right away. The website that loads faster will get a greater response from the visitors.

This hummingbird plugin scans the website and gives a complete analysis of the website. The developer can see the overall score of the website’s speed and can fix the issues as per the instruction. As simple as that. WordPress Plugin Development allows a developer to make everything in a couple of clicks and no manual efforts.

  • Defender

Normally, the mindset is WordPress supports millions of website and it may get hacked from the hackers sometimes. But No! Now it is not possible for them to touch a WordPress functionality. The defender plugin is able to check the vulnerabilities and also report the developer about resolving it. This plugin is expert at cleaning the site with good results.

  • Monster Insights

This WordPress plugin is very smart in nature for the analysis of your site in terms of Google Analytics. Here the real-time status will be quite easier to find with this plugin. It gives a complete analysis of the eCommerce and link tracking, too. There will be no tough task to track the sales here. It can track ads and file downloads as well with the custom dimensions.

  • W3 Total Cache

It is accepted that a website needs to be so accurate in all the terms if it wants to be found on the Google. Considering all the parameters of the website, WordPress has provided many necessary plugins and W3 Total Cache is one of them. It improves the SEO and the user experience of the site as well. It increases the performance of the website plus reduces the download times and having features like content delivery network integration.

  • ConstantContact

This WordPress plugin is good to go with the form designer. It has built in google analytics visualization and it allows to view the events registration detail. It widgets to get dashboard updated with all the details.

  • Soliloquy

The Soliloquy WordPress plugin is great when a developer wants his site to be responsive at a good pace. It allows better responsive functions. Good for better responsive slider options. It is known as the fastest slider plugin ever. It has many features included requirements for the responsive websites.


The Custom WordPress Development and the plugins it provides is just better than any other system. Because WordPress has the solution to every single problem related to the web development.

Hire Shopify expert to create a breakthrough with the Shopify Plus!

Hire Shopify expert to create a breakthrough with the Shopify Plus!

The arrival of Shopify was one of the favorable moment for eCommerce merchants out there. And of course, it should be. Because we are living in an age where the business prospects are already been altered with the eCommerce and now is the time for ready to go with the online shopping whenever and wherever needed. Shopify was and is favorable because of its ease of operability. No coding, No mess. The easier the platform, even better the functionalities. The Shopify Plus as its name suggests definitely has come up everything with a plus tag. And merchants and Shopify experts as well will love to cope with that. Is there any benefit to the direct users? Let us make it discovered today.

What has Shopify released with the Shopify Plus? Shopify-Plus

  • Automate campaigns and product drops and high demand sales
  • Customizing the storefront, check out and backend systems
  • Adding, updating and managing products without code
  • Maintaining performance and monitoring risks

Technically Rich Support

With the Shopify Plus, once can get an access to a specialized development team working on a single platform. That is in contrast to many web development firms working across different platforms, languages, and clients. The merchants will be complete with no worry to set up a concrete business startup.

Agile Marketing Implications

Simply put, agile marketing is the approach to gathering and implementing feedback. The Shopify Plus is having the SaaS platform and here we can implement the new aspects of digital marketing with this platform as compare to the platform as a service approach.

Content Delivery Network

It has enlarged the scope of the Shopify Development all over the world so there will be an easy operability for the customers with Shopify store with a warp speed. There will be no mess with the loading speed.

Transaction Fees

There was a certain amount of transaction fees with each of the transaction being made on the credit cards and additional 30% with Shopify. Shopify plus has just vanished the transaction fees approach. Shopify Plus enables you to get engaged with the Dollars with no transaction fees amount.

Maintaining enormous Traffic

Shopify plus has come up with such tools which are really beneficial and engaging to the merchants. Launchpad is one of them. It will work for managing the sales and product launch events.

Meaning thereby, there will be no such complexity with the product pricing, inventory and per channel visibility.

Also, allows locking the store with a predetermined time span. Using of captchas on the instances of check out to prevent the BOTs.


The number is such an awe-inspiring when it comes to 500k hits per minute. We can call it a capability to touch the unlimited span of bandwidth experience. Plus, this is available with the monthly price for a fraction of the cost of normal IT infrastructure expenses. One can hire Shopify Developer to add up more with the Shopify Plus development.


Shopify Plus has more to go with the further eCommerce development and with a lot more functionalities. Because it is a complete coded platform with a hosted functionality. Definitely newcomers in the eCommerce should consider Shopify plus as a serious game changer for a business.