Top 5 Abandonment Reasons and Actions Taken To Deal with It

Magento Ecommerce Development CompanyBeing an owner of an established magento web development company, you design a beautiful e-commerce site. You populate it with a number of amazing products and make sure that they are well showcased. You invest a huge amount of time, efforts, and resources to drive visitors to your website. Finally, your efforts pay off – Consumers come, pick and place some items in their shopping cart, head towards checkout and leave the shopping cart.

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the most annoying things that customers do. Below stated aspects are enough to justify the above statement.

  1. Studies research states that 50%-60% of the online shopping cart are abandoned before the checkout process.
  1. A survey result states that almost 75% of the consumers abandoned shopping cart while 65% of the carts are abandoned before checkout.

But why does that happen?

What The Reasons That Lead To Shopping Cart Abandonment?

When some people simply browse your products, checkout your website and you identify a high rate of shopping cart abandonment than you need to have a closer sneak peek at what’s happening.

Below are the arrays of reasons that excite people to leave the shopping cart during the checkout procedure.

  1. High Shipping Charges:

It’s the most common and foremost reasons for people leading to cart abandonment. High shipping charges usually kill conversions.

  1. Expensive Price:

As consumers are always looking for economic product options, highly expensive products usually find hard to increase conversion rates.

  1. Checkout Complexity:

Too many steps involved in checkout process enforce customers to leave the procedure in between.

  1. Complex CTA:

Visitors tend to leave the website if your call to actions fails to guide them with the further steps or procedures.

  1. Limited Payment Options:

Lack of enough payment options leads to cancellation of purchasing order.

Some other factors that lead to the abandonment of cart are:

1. Lack of product information

2. Unsure security features

3. Unspecified delivery time

4. Hidden charges

While shopping cart abandonment is so conventional, it is surprising that merely 20% of the fortune 500 companies have good strategies to re-engage consumers. Any business engaged in magento ecommerce development should know how to optimize shopping cart and pull back abandoned consumers.

So, What Business Owners Can Do To Ensure That Consumers End Up Checking Out?

  1. Provide Free Shipping And Make It Visible:

Practicing free shipping will not only entice consumers to complete their initial purchasing but will also entice them to buy more products.

  1. Make Cart Visible All The Times:

Allowing online shoppers to see their existing cart with filled items will not only reduce abandonment level by 6% to 8% but, it will also help shoppers to access their existing cart rather than navigating on another page.

  1. Reduce Page Counts In Checkout Process:

Try to avoid distracting customers with additional forms, products or questions. Practicing shorter checkout cycle will reduce abandonment level to a greater extent.

  1. Have High-Quality And Interactive Product And Images:

Survey result states that shoppers are always fond of high-quality product images and ability to view them in their own style, color, alternate view and zoom facility. Helping consumers to avail this facility will help you to reduce abandonment rates to a greater extent.

As you can see these tips aren’t just to improve conversion rates instead, it will help you to define better customer experience. Applying few of them would not only boost your sales ratio but provides a better and easy shopping experience to consumers as well.

Do you have anything else to suggest? Want to hire magento developer to redefine your ecommerce store? If yes, do drop us a comment below.


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