4 Wordpress “Must-Have” Plugins You Can’t Afford To Miss Out On 2018


Yeah! The Year 2017 has drawn a successful end. And for the WordPress users and enthusiasts, it has brought a lot more to the table. As 2017 has concluded its journey with some of the biggest WordPress web development announcement and changes, we’ve compiled a roundup of some of the most interesting and fascinating news in our community- the last-changes, improvements, analysis, and development.

Though WordCamp, Envato, and Gutenberg are few of our disclosures that tops our list the most astounding news in November was the latest major release by the WordPress web development companyWordPress 4.9, Tipton.

Yes! You’ve heard right! The long-awaited WordPress 4.9 is finally out with some new and exciting set of features. You can find the list of most significant changes here.

Though 2017 has concluded itself with the significant news we shouldn’t forget that WordPress is known for its extensibility. And determining the right set of plugins adds an extra value to the WordPress website.

In this post, we’ll draw attention to the most important and “must-have” plugins that you can’t afford to miss out in 2018.

Plugins to Watch Out In 2018

1.    Easy Digital Downloads

  • About Plugin:

  • It is one of the most promising plugins that ease digital downloads.


  • Downloads unlimited files, create discount codes and lot more

  • Monitor product download activities

  • Allow customer to purchase multiple downloads simultaneously

  • Generate reports with built-in reporting platform

  • Facilitates PayPal, Mail Chimp, and Stripe integrations

Try Easy Digital Download

2.    Gutenberg

  • About Plugin:

  • The main purpose of this plugin is to add and edit rich and meaningful content on your WordPress website.


  • Entitle features like creating a post, pages, and richer contents types offering high started editor.

  • Customize content through various blocks.

  • Advanced formatting and layout settings.

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3.    Cryptocurrency All-In-One

  • About Plugin:

  • The main purpose of this plugin is to handle all the cryptocurrency related issues in a faster and smoother way.


  • Displays candlestick chart of any cryptocurrency

  • Display price including exchange rates. Also, possess inbuilt cryptocurrency calculator.

  • Supports crypto currency like Bitcoin BTC, Litecoin LTC, Ethereum ETH, Namecoin NMC, Novacoin NVC, Peercoin PPC etc.

Try Cryptocurrency All-in-One

4.    Jetpack

  • About Plugin:

  • It helps you to identify your website statistics and analytics and also helps you to improve your site’s traffic engagement.


  • Tools for SEO, website backup and security, content creation and visitor engagement.

  • Automatic sharing on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more.

  • Boost website performance

Try Jetpack

Well, getting one of the best-suited an ideal plugin for your website is quite challenging especially when you aren’t aware of which one is better for you. We hope that our highlights about best WordPress plugins 2018 will help you to pick the best for your organization.

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