How To Check That Your eCommerce Site is Responsive To All Devices & Users?


A lot of users today use the mobile devices to access the websites. According to Google, there are even more mobile users than those who use desktops. So, when providing Magento website development, it is vital to make the website adaptive for any user and device.

Adaptive web design is quite a new direction, but already now it is one of the main indicators of website quality. In this article, we’ll talk about what adaptive web design is and how to check whether e-commerce site is ready for any user and device.

What is adaptive or responsive web design?

Responsive or adaptive web design is the design of web pages that provide a convenient user experience on any device. This means that the same site can be viewed on a variety of devices, regardless of the screen resolution and format — smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. In this case, browsing will be equally convenient for everyone — users of mobile devices, for example, will not need to expand certain areas of the site, so as not to miss the desired link.

Adaptive design is designed to make web pages and display their contents appropriate to the device from which they are viewed.

Why do you need adaptive web design?

  1. A large variety of devices you can use to go online. All these devices differ in screen size, resolution, and, accordingly, in the way a website can be displayed on them. Therefore, it is important that your site looks good and is correctly displayed for any of the users, no matter what device they use.

  2. The popularity of mobile devices and the increase of mobile Internet traffic. With the growing popularity of mobile devices, the number of users that use them to access the sites has increased significantly, so you cannot just ignore them — it’s not one or two people in six months, it’s a significant part of your audience, and they should be comfortable using your site (otherwise they will go to your competitor).

  3. Urgent information. If your resource contains news or urgent information, and probably the user may use the phone or tablet to read this information, you need to make sure that he has the opportunity to do this.

How to check whether your site is adaptive?

  • Change the screen size

The easiest way to check whether your website is adaptive is to change the screen size. Make the screen narrower and you will see how the content is displayed on it. It is a really efficient way which does not require additional tools and efforts.

  • Use browser tools

Most modern browsers include developer tools. For example, in Google Chrome you can press F12 to run it and select to option to see the site on different devices. You can change to screen resolution manually or select one of the preset devices. It also allows you to check whether the website if efficient.

  • Use special services

There are a lot of online resources to check whether your site is mobile friendly. The best one of them is official Google tool available at Just enter the link to your site and wait several seconds when the utility scan the website. In the end, if you have some problems, it will provide you some advice to improve the situation.

Make e-commerce website adaptive for any device and users is vital today. If you need high-quality Magento ecommerce development, contact us and we do our best to help you.


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