Why Give Node.JS Development A Cannon Shot To Build Next-Gen Websites?


The ability to code front-end and back-end with same programing language to build a secure and robust application lies in Node.Js framework”

The world of Information technology calls out for expert opinions, modern technology, latest tools, and in-depth domain expertise to build futuristic, awesome and next-generation mobile applications, websites and cloud-based solutions.

As choosing appropriate ingredients holds utmost importance to build a finger-licking dish similarly, getting started with right tools or framework is equally important in order to build a successful web or mobile solution.

While we have a list of top frameworks and technologies to choose, today we’re going to talk about Node.js development. But,

Why The Hell Should I Go With Node.Js Development?

With an aim to create a real-time website with push capabilities, Node.js is an open – source javascript runtime that works on server-side to create rich, faster and interactive web application. It’s non-blocking; an event-driven server that remains lightweight and efficient to handle data-intensive real-time applications makes it an exceptional choice for Node.js development company to dominate web industry.

Okay! So What Makes Node.Js A “Gold Label” For Web App Development?

1. Runs an Event-Driven IO Model

  • Holding similarity to other two JavaScript frameworks, Angular.js and React.js, Node.js stands unique from the duo of two due to its VB Javascript run-time engine. It not only runs on the computer like normal JavaScript, but also simplifies development of the complex application.

  • Apart from this, it runs an event-driven non-blocking IO model, which allows developers to link building utilities and create JS files on the system instead of the server.

2. Using the Same Js

  • With an ability to use same JS on front-end and back-end, it is highly useful for developers as well for users to listen to network traffic, provide direct access to the database and reply to HTTP requests.

  • Node.js makes access to modules easy and swift. With an innumerable number of modules, there’s an externalization of reusable code as modules that can be extended when interfacing with the third-party application. So, when you hire a node.js developer, it saves huge time and efforts and costs too.

  • Though Node.js isn’t perfect, there are a lot of modules that enrich Node.js supporting a thriving developer community. Node.js makes accessing and publishing of modules simple and easy.

3. REST Is Native To Node.Js

With Node.js providing native support to HTTP/ HTTPS, this module helps node.js backed applications go listen and respond to REST methods and thus makes REST native.

4. Built-in Package Manager

Node.js built-in package manager is truly a game changer for developers. It helps in simplification, distribution and accessing of node modules.

Which Renowned Companies Are Using Node.Js?

Today, Node.js web development is one of the most demanded approaches adopted in web development domain. To name a few, top companies using Node.js are:









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PHP 7 Is Out: Should I Make A Move?


Yes, it’s true! PHP7 is out and it’s time to get your code ready to make the most strong and sound shift the PHP world has ever experienced!

Though being crowned as the most popular backend language and the widely used programming language, PHP has gone through a lot of criticism in the development circle. Cherishing the ultrasonic success of PHP 5.6, the next version launched with an expectation to ease development efforts was PHP 7, not 6!

But what went wrong?

What happened to PHP 6?

Why This Version Of PHP Was Never Released?

The reason behind this imprisonment is; PHP6 was internally released but due to some loopholes and issues, it was taken back. So, in order to avoid confusion of internal and external release, a new version named PHP7 was released in the market.

Well, the story is as simple as it sounds but the version isn’t. However, with no longer major updates since long, PHP 7 has finally been released with lot new features, improvements and expectations – And that’s like a boon for PHP development company that helps them to keep their WordPress website in tip-top shape.

So in today’s article, let’s have an eye over some interesting facts like:

  • What’s New In PHP 7

  • Should I Make A Move In PHP7

  • Is My System PHP 7 Ready?

Let’s Find Out What’s New Is PHP 7

In accordance with W3tech.com, PHP powers 83% of the websites over internet. Leading tech giants like YouTube.com, Yahoo.com, and Wikipedia.org has shown their trust on PHP web development and has laid their business responsibilities on PHP shoulders.

Usage Statistics and Market Share of Server side Programming Languages for Websites January 2018

Being emerging as strongly coupled language, some compelling reasons that drive you to make a switch to PHP7 are:

  1. Speed

With reduced memory usage and increased server response, has made PHP7 two times faster than 5.X version.

  1. Type Declaration

Equipped with declaration part helps you to understand code and project against type conversions errors.

  1. Error Handling

Introduction to Engine Exceptions helps developers to respond exceptions in a better way.

  1. Free Up Spaces

PHP 7 has depleted old and non-supported functional APIs and extensions and thus freed up the memory.

  1. 64 Bit Windows System Support

 This huge upgrade to 64-bit windows system supports large integers and large files that help in boosting the performance of business applications.

Should I Make A Move To PHP 7?

Well, if you’re equipped with WordPress then definitely a big YES!

The minimum PHP requirements for WordPress core have increased, which is why majority plugins and themes may become incompatible with older PHP versions. As a result, those past versions won’t receive security fixes and hire PHP developer India won’t help you to fix your site and save it from vulnerabilities.

So, How To Know If My System Is PHP 7 Ready Or Not?

If you want to check your website or web app’s compatibility with current PHP version, then a WordPress plugin named PHP compatibility checker will give you an exact status.

PHP is now making its place on the row of Java and C, in order to provide more strongly coupled language that delivers the advantages of loosely couple language.

So, thinking to start your next project with PHP7? If yes, then Technource is the best company to outsource PHP development. Drop us your details and contact us now to discuss more.

PHP Development for interactive business websites

PHP-web-development.pngThe recursive server end scripting language PHP has become a necessary element of most websites these days. Once used to simply structure web pages, PHP has become a language using which independent code modules could be written and embedded into various HTML codes. Mainly due to its versatility, PHP is widely used in website development. It offers a lot of scope for various modules and design features to be combined and executed at will.

Website development with PHP

A website is an important part of a business’s identity. A company or a corporation marks its presence in the digital world with the websites. A properly formed website is at once the company’s best board to advertise itself, its products and services. It is therefore very essential for a website to be well designed and properly populated. Since the client/customer’s first impression about the company is going to be gleaned from the website, it has to be presented brilliantly, in equal parts informative and interesting enough to hold the attention of the visitor.

PHP is a very user-friendly language and is a dynamic scripting language that can be used for website and application development. When combined with SQL, PHP becomes an interesting and versatile combination to work with. Most websites require common functionalities like asking for username and password, and PHP modules can be used for these functions with simple modifications.

PHP offers sturdy coding options that make the jobs of website administration, software testing and user training much easier than normal. Owing to the unmatched speed in which content can be developed, PHP is often used to create quick prototypes which can be tested with feedback and then developed as requirements alter.

PHP for business

Most start-up companies prefer designing their websites and apps in PHP because of the low-cost operation and much better SDLC. Many businesses outsources PHP development of their websites and other related material to a dedicated PHP Development Company. Most companies also hire PHP developers and inform them about their specific requirements for the websites and products.

Certified and Qualified PHP developers who are trained with the basics of object-oriented programming and string patterns and arrays can be PHP developers with specific knowledge in this scripting language. PHP evolves with experience, and the experience of the website developers improves with each new design feature they code for. While a detailed knowledge of the software development lifecycle is not a basic requirement, it is helpful to know the important steps to make sure that the code is documented and deployed properly.

PHP developers ensure that the website is feature rich but still remains accessible from all sorts of internet browsers and devices – a very important factor when considering the growing rate of mobile and handheld internet devices that are used to access these websites.

The digital world has moved from lined connections to wireless, and browsers have migrated from heavier, plug in rich ones to lightweight, quicker browsers. A good website would adapt to these changes, and PHP would be a game changer in this environment. Technource has many options to hire PHP developers in India who would work with web and app development and other e-commerce solutions.

Effective tools to use with PHP for more engaging website development

Effective tools to use with PHP for more engaging website development

PHP is a great framework to use for. Any kind of project requirements is getting fulfilled with the PHP web development. And there are a lot more PHP projects that have already created an awesome impression. PHP considers each helping aid an asset for the developers and clients as well. An open source web development platform is, of course, an amazing thing to cope with the different types of projects. Especially when you are working with the PHP framework.

Let us examine which are the tools best matching the PHP project needs!

Graphical User Interface


General mindset is PHP is just for web development use only. But no, it is not. But it is extensive. Yes, you can also make desktop applications with the PHP framework. Indeed it will require an advanced level of knowledge in PHP. If you’re one of them, you can make easily the desktop applications from PHP. Because this essential framework has important extensions to give your idea a shape for desktop applications.

  • PHP GTK – This extension is a popular open source that implements the GIMP toolkit
  • ZZEE PHP GUI – A paid solution that allows you to turn your PHP scripts into Windows applications

Online Community? What’s it?

If you are running a website and want to build connectivity between the users of your commune. Why wait for? We are seeing many websites are running forums itself. Those are created with a reason to helping people with for their queries. They connect, learn and again connect with the development. You can build your own PHP-driven online community. Here you can build your own forum, online community from scratch with PHP framework. CodeIgniter, for example, has classes and helpers for the most routine tasks. The use of several different forum building tools. Some popular ones include:

  • php BB
  • vBulletin
  • Pun BB

A focussed PHP development company can help clients and projects competing their desired features at determined timelines.

Image Processing


PHP is good to go with the skilled developers and experienced as well. It has graphic design library that makes possible for the processing of the images and can generate images, too. Using the GD library with PHP, you can do more than just output HTML to the browser!

Testing & Optimization

Every website needs optimization and testing because of the quality and SEO purpose. PHP has some tools to cope with these things nicely.

PHPUnit: PHPUnit is a complete port of the popular JUnit unit testing suite to PHP 5. It helps to test Web application’s stability and scalability. Also, one can write test cases using PHPUnit that makes developer’s task easy and compact.

Selenium: Selenium Remote Control (RC) is a test tool to write automated Web application UI tests in any programming language against any HTTP website.

Debugging Tools

Webgrind: Webgrind is a Xdebug profiling Web front end in PHP 5. Implementing a subset of the cachegrind features and gets installed in seconds. And it works with all the platforms.

Xdebug: Generally the developers use Xdebug for PHP. It is the most popular one. It provides imperative data to find the bugs and its accuracy up to the mark. Xdebug does not hesitate right away debugging in the applications like PHPEclipse and PHPDesigner.

Conclusion: PHP is one of the most engaging web development platforms because of a large number of plugins and tools availability. Alone a framework cannot do anything. It does need a set of things that make it robust. One can hire PHP developer to make things working more potentially.

Use the Supreme Power of Magento Extensions for eCommerce store

Use the Supreme Power of Magento Extensions for eCommerce store

eCommerce in current times is nothing without Magento. Yes, Magento has become almost the synonym. What kind of heck is Magento creating to get this credit? It goes at the warp speed in its space. And does not get stop or stuck. Well, it has brilliant extensions and plugins. And they are so intelligent that every merchant wants to get those benefits in the eCommerce store. And so the Magento eCommerce development is getting an overwhelming response. A store built with Magento is not just selling the products but making things clear to the customers in the very first instance of shopping. Will be doing the selling, too.

Let’s get introduced to the Magento extensions power. What are they doing so captivating?


It is accepted that Magento has great coding and customizing strength. But we have found it is so good at improving sales, too.

How they do it?

The extensions in Magento framework are capable enough to show the advertisement of your store with the just single search of the Google. It does not end when you completed the development of the Magento site. Selling is important and the Magento extensions are proving best.

Google Search: when you search anything on Google related to the shopping and the Google will show you the ads for the product. For an instance, t-shirt. It will show advertisements of the t-shirts from where you can buy.

Daily Selling deals: ultimately Magento website development does the task of your sales. Yes, it is your perfect eCommerce partner. We see the timer while shopping online. It shows the time remaining for the stock. Which eventually motivates the visitor to buy that product. The timer shows the time in which the product will be no longer in stock.

Shopping feed Generator: Google shopping shows the comparisons of the products before seller buys that particular product. Your Magento extension will aid in categorizing your product with the various types, size, different brands and more. Thus it will help in making different your product from the current comparisons.

Magento multi-Vendor: The success that you haven’t imagined yet is possible with Magento. Here you can add sellers that are ready to sell their products. Add them to your store. And you will be ended up earning the income and credit as well.

Shipping: Custom Magento Development has made everything for every different requirement for the merchants out there. Every merchant will first think about the shipping options. How they will ship to their customers and how the orders will get placed in the said time duration? The Magento shipping plugin helps with the emailing customer and updating them and placing order updates.

Post Purchase Task: When the customer makes the first purchase at your store, they are likely to see your response to the email. The post-marketing will play a vital role in generating revenue for your business. Here you can show the best deals to the customer. Magento provides these plugins that make your revenue at a great pace.

Conclusion: Magento website development support a huge community and Magento eCommerce has become the most obvious reason for online shopping. Because the features Magento provides is just up to the mark.

WordPress offers Intelligent Plugins to Design Your Website

WordPress offers Intelligent Plugins to Design Your Website

Designing a website with no such intelligent tools seeks a great computer programming geek to present there. And when we get fail to do that, we fail to give the best at website development. It’s a boon WordPress to give developers a great platform through the intelligent plugins. Because there will not be any requirement to make developers think, but the plugins will do everything by themselves. WordPress web development is a popular content management system and a great platform for building a website at a quick pace with an asset of intelligence. It has made a different way of building intelligent web tools – our current websites whichever built on the WordPress.

Let’s introduce some of the great WordPress plugins

  • Hummingbird

Google suggests developers make site optimized that don’t take much time to load. Even not more than the 2 seconds. The site that takes more to load in the very first instance, users will leave it right away. The website that loads faster will get a greater response from the visitors.

This hummingbird plugin scans the website and gives a complete analysis of the website. The developer can see the overall score of the website’s speed and can fix the issues as per the instruction. As simple as that. WordPress Plugin Development allows a developer to make everything in a couple of clicks and no manual efforts.

  • Defender

Normally, the mindset is WordPress supports millions of website and it may get hacked from the hackers sometimes. But No! Now it is not possible for them to touch a WordPress functionality. The defender plugin is able to check the vulnerabilities and also report the developer about resolving it. This plugin is expert at cleaning the site with good results.

  • Monster Insights

This WordPress plugin is very smart in nature for the analysis of your site in terms of Google Analytics. Here the real-time status will be quite easier to find with this plugin. It gives a complete analysis of the eCommerce and link tracking, too. There will be no tough task to track the sales here. It can track ads and file downloads as well with the custom dimensions.

  • W3 Total Cache

It is accepted that a website needs to be so accurate in all the terms if it wants to be found on the Google. Considering all the parameters of the website, WordPress has provided many necessary plugins and W3 Total Cache is one of them. It improves the SEO and the user experience of the site as well. It increases the performance of the website plus reduces the download times and having features like content delivery network integration.

  • ConstantContact

This WordPress plugin is good to go with the form designer. It has built in google analytics visualization and it allows to view the events registration detail. It widgets to get dashboard updated with all the details.

  • Soliloquy

The Soliloquy WordPress plugin is great when a developer wants his site to be responsive at a good pace. It allows better responsive functions. Good for better responsive slider options. It is known as the fastest slider plugin ever. It has many features included requirements for the responsive websites.


The Custom WordPress Development and the plugins it provides is just better than any other system. Because WordPress has the solution to every single problem related to the web development.

Hire Shopify expert to create a breakthrough with the Shopify Plus!

Hire Shopify expert to create a breakthrough with the Shopify Plus!

The arrival of Shopify was one of the favorable moment for eCommerce merchants out there. And of course, it should be. Because we are living in an age where the business prospects are already been altered with the eCommerce and now is the time for ready to go with the online shopping whenever and wherever needed. Shopify was and is favorable because of its ease of operability. No coding, No mess. The easier the platform, even better the functionalities. The Shopify Plus as its name suggests definitely has come up everything with a plus tag. And merchants and Shopify experts as well will love to cope with that. Is there any benefit to the direct users? Let us make it discovered today.

What has Shopify released with the Shopify Plus? Shopify-Plus

  • Automate campaigns and product drops and high demand sales
  • Customizing the storefront, check out and backend systems
  • Adding, updating and managing products without code
  • Maintaining performance and monitoring risks

Technically Rich Support

With the Shopify Plus, once can get an access to a specialized development team working on a single platform. That is in contrast to many web development firms working across different platforms, languages, and clients. The merchants will be complete with no worry to set up a concrete business startup.

Agile Marketing Implications

Simply put, agile marketing is the approach to gathering and implementing feedback. The Shopify Plus is having the SaaS platform and here we can implement the new aspects of digital marketing with this platform as compare to the platform as a service approach.

Content Delivery Network

It has enlarged the scope of the Shopify Development all over the world so there will be an easy operability for the customers with Shopify store with a warp speed. There will be no mess with the loading speed.

Transaction Fees

There was a certain amount of transaction fees with each of the transaction being made on the credit cards and additional 30% with Shopify. Shopify plus has just vanished the transaction fees approach. Shopify Plus enables you to get engaged with the Dollars with no transaction fees amount.

Maintaining enormous Traffic

Shopify plus has come up with such tools which are really beneficial and engaging to the merchants. Launchpad is one of them. It will work for managing the sales and product launch events.

Meaning thereby, there will be no such complexity with the product pricing, inventory and per channel visibility.

Also, allows locking the store with a predetermined time span. Using of captchas on the instances of check out to prevent the BOTs.


The number is such an awe-inspiring when it comes to 500k hits per minute. We can call it a capability to touch the unlimited span of bandwidth experience. Plus, this is available with the monthly price for a fraction of the cost of normal IT infrastructure expenses. One can hire Shopify Developer to add up more with the Shopify Plus development.


Shopify Plus has more to go with the further eCommerce development and with a lot more functionalities. Because it is a complete coded platform with a hosted functionality. Definitely newcomers in the eCommerce should consider Shopify plus as a serious game changer for a business.