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How To Check That Your eCommerce Site is Responsive To All Devices & Users?


A lot of users today use the mobile devices to access the websites. According to Google, there are even more mobile users than those who use desktops. So, when providing Magento website development, it is vital to make the website adaptive for any user and device.

Adaptive web design is quite a new direction, but already now it is one of the main indicators of website quality. In this article, we’ll talk about what adaptive web design is and how to check whether e-commerce site is ready for any user and device.

What is adaptive or responsive web design?

Responsive or adaptive web design is the design of web pages that provide a convenient user experience on any device. This means that the same site can be viewed on a variety of devices, regardless of the screen resolution and format — smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. In this case, browsing will be equally convenient for everyone — users of mobile devices, for example, will not need to expand certain areas of the site, so as not to miss the desired link.

Adaptive design is designed to make web pages and display their contents appropriate to the device from which they are viewed.

Why do you need adaptive web design?

  1. A large variety of devices you can use to go online. All these devices differ in screen size, resolution, and, accordingly, in the way a website can be displayed on them. Therefore, it is important that your site looks good and is correctly displayed for any of the users, no matter what device they use.

  2. The popularity of mobile devices and the increase of mobile Internet traffic. With the growing popularity of mobile devices, the number of users that use them to access the sites has increased significantly, so you cannot just ignore them — it’s not one or two people in six months, it’s a significant part of your audience, and they should be comfortable using your site (otherwise they will go to your competitor).

  3. Urgent information. If your resource contains news or urgent information, and probably the user may use the phone or tablet to read this information, you need to make sure that he has the opportunity to do this.

How to check whether your site is adaptive?

  • Change the screen size

The easiest way to check whether your website is adaptive is to change the screen size. Make the screen narrower and you will see how the content is displayed on it. It is a really efficient way which does not require additional tools and efforts.

  • Use browser tools

Most modern browsers include developer tools. For example, in Google Chrome you can press F12 to run it and select to option to see the site on different devices. You can change to screen resolution manually or select one of the preset devices. It also allows you to check whether the website if efficient.

  • Use special services

There are a lot of online resources to check whether your site is mobile friendly. The best one of them is official Google tool available at https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly. Just enter the link to your site and wait several seconds when the utility scan the website. In the end, if you have some problems, it will provide you some advice to improve the situation.

Make e-commerce website adaptive for any device and users is vital today. If you need high-quality Magento ecommerce development, contact us and we do our best to help you.

Use the Supreme Power of Magento Extensions for eCommerce store

Use the Supreme Power of Magento Extensions for eCommerce store

eCommerce in current times is nothing without Magento. Yes, Magento has become almost the synonym. What kind of heck is Magento creating to get this credit? It goes at the warp speed in its space. And does not get stop or stuck. Well, it has brilliant extensions and plugins. And they are so intelligent that every merchant wants to get those benefits in the eCommerce store. And so the Magento eCommerce development is getting an overwhelming response. A store built with Magento is not just selling the products but making things clear to the customers in the very first instance of shopping. Will be doing the selling, too.

Let’s get introduced to the Magento extensions power. What are they doing so captivating?


It is accepted that Magento has great coding and customizing strength. But we have found it is so good at improving sales, too.

How they do it?

The extensions in Magento framework are capable enough to show the advertisement of your store with the just single search of the Google. It does not end when you completed the development of the Magento site. Selling is important and the Magento extensions are proving best.

Google Search: when you search anything on Google related to the shopping and the Google will show you the ads for the product. For an instance, t-shirt. It will show advertisements of the t-shirts from where you can buy.

Daily Selling deals: ultimately Magento website development does the task of your sales. Yes, it is your perfect eCommerce partner. We see the timer while shopping online. It shows the time remaining for the stock. Which eventually motivates the visitor to buy that product. The timer shows the time in which the product will be no longer in stock.

Shopping feed Generator: Google shopping shows the comparisons of the products before seller buys that particular product. Your Magento extension will aid in categorizing your product with the various types, size, different brands and more. Thus it will help in making different your product from the current comparisons.

Magento multi-Vendor: The success that you haven’t imagined yet is possible with Magento. Here you can add sellers that are ready to sell their products. Add them to your store. And you will be ended up earning the income and credit as well.

Shipping: Custom Magento Development has made everything for every different requirement for the merchants out there. Every merchant will first think about the shipping options. How they will ship to their customers and how the orders will get placed in the said time duration? The Magento shipping plugin helps with the emailing customer and updating them and placing order updates.

Post Purchase Task: When the customer makes the first purchase at your store, they are likely to see your response to the email. The post-marketing will play a vital role in generating revenue for your business. Here you can show the best deals to the customer. Magento provides these plugins that make your revenue at a great pace.

Conclusion: Magento website development support a huge community and Magento eCommerce has become the most obvious reason for online shopping. Because the features Magento provides is just up to the mark.

Magento eCommerce Development Helps you Build the Unmatched Website for your Online Business

Web-based business websites have officially cut a solid specialty for itself in the realm of advanced advertising. Presently, it’s a mandatory part when we are talking about the internet business stores. So, it is also crucial to maintain their appearance and usefulness. That requires the utilization of the best stage to manufacturing a smooth internet business website for any nature of the business.

Magento is additionally one such platform. Magento eCommerce Development is about conveying an effective, applicable and productive internet business website. We make sure that your online business attracts the right set of clients.


What are the unique features of Magento eCommerce Development? 

Different installment alternatives – For any web based business webpage, the installment strategy is profoundly imperative. Truth be told, the reality additionally assembles a dependable association with your customers. Along these lines, Magento eCommerce Development incorporates each installment choices conceivable on the site. The installment choices include PayPal, Credit Cards, Google Checkout and many others. In this way, losing on your potential clients is impossible in the event that you are utilizing Magento.

Simple Checkouts – Harassing and long checkout regularly disturbs clients. At that point, they tend to leave the site without purchasing any things. That is the reason we depend on Magento and grasp simple checkout. In this way, Magento eCommerce Development presents one-page checkout, SSL or even checkout without having a record.

Responsive – Magento makes your internet business website exceedingly adaptable. It additionally fabricates you a flat out the responsive website. Henceforth, your objective customers can see your website on any program or gadget.

 Customized themes – Magento eCommerce Development gives you a chance to fabricate the eCommerce website according to your nature of the business. You get the opportunity to change the theme at whatever time you need.

What makes Magento Web Development a victor in the midst of different stages? 

A website is fundamentally pointless in the event that it is not seen by your objective customers. On the off chance that your website is not getting adequate online guests, it is no not as much as futile. Along these lines, Magento advances your website in an ideal way. Magento Development Company helps in the quick positioning of your website on the major search results.

Why might you Hire Magento Developer from us? 

Customer fulfillment is our first need. In this way, we address every one of our issues and requests of our customers and cover all parts of Magento development. Hire Magento Developer and get the chance to locate a talented and devoted group. In particular, we know the estimation of time. Accordingly, you will get your work conveyed on time.

Hire Magento Developer from us and appreciate the experience of a fruitful website. We have years of solid involvement in this field. That makes us exceptionally capable in each skyline of the online business store.

We keep ourselves refreshed with this product as much as we can. Consequently, you will dependably discover us coordinating pace with the changing on the web world.