How To Check That Your eCommerce Site is Responsive To All Devices & Users?


A lot of users today use the mobile devices to access the websites. According to Google, there are even more mobile users than those who use desktops. So, when providing Magento website development, it is vital to make the website adaptive for any user and device.

Adaptive web design is quite a new direction, but already now it is one of the main indicators of website quality. In this article, we’ll talk about what adaptive web design is and how to check whether e-commerce site is ready for any user and device.

What is adaptive or responsive web design?

Responsive or adaptive web design is the design of web pages that provide a convenient user experience on any device. This means that the same site can be viewed on a variety of devices, regardless of the screen resolution and format — smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. In this case, browsing will be equally convenient for everyone — users of mobile devices, for example, will not need to expand certain areas of the site, so as not to miss the desired link.

Adaptive design is designed to make web pages and display their contents appropriate to the device from which they are viewed.

Why do you need adaptive web design?

  1. A large variety of devices you can use to go online. All these devices differ in screen size, resolution, and, accordingly, in the way a website can be displayed on them. Therefore, it is important that your site looks good and is correctly displayed for any of the users, no matter what device they use.

  2. The popularity of mobile devices and the increase of mobile Internet traffic. With the growing popularity of mobile devices, the number of users that use them to access the sites has increased significantly, so you cannot just ignore them — it’s not one or two people in six months, it’s a significant part of your audience, and they should be comfortable using your site (otherwise they will go to your competitor).

  3. Urgent information. If your resource contains news or urgent information, and probably the user may use the phone or tablet to read this information, you need to make sure that he has the opportunity to do this.

How to check whether your site is adaptive?

  • Change the screen size

The easiest way to check whether your website is adaptive is to change the screen size. Make the screen narrower and you will see how the content is displayed on it. It is a really efficient way which does not require additional tools and efforts.

  • Use browser tools

Most modern browsers include developer tools. For example, in Google Chrome you can press F12 to run it and select to option to see the site on different devices. You can change to screen resolution manually or select one of the preset devices. It also allows you to check whether the website if efficient.

  • Use special services

There are a lot of online resources to check whether your site is mobile friendly. The best one of them is official Google tool available at Just enter the link to your site and wait several seconds when the utility scan the website. In the end, if you have some problems, it will provide you some advice to improve the situation.

Make e-commerce website adaptive for any device and users is vital today. If you need high-quality Magento ecommerce development, contact us and we do our best to help you.

How will Shopify web development ride the wave of e-commerce for the long term?


The Global E-commerce will reach 4.5 Trillion by 2021. It is one of the fastest growing markets of the future with tremendous potential. Yes, e-commerce is online/internet buying and selling of goods and services. The technologies used in e-commerce are mobile commerce, supply chain management, electronic funds transfer, online transaction processing, internet marketing, inventory management and electronic data exchange. Some of the electronic commerce transactions include purchasing of audio’s/videos, books, electronics, and machinery. Online retailing, business to business deals and online auctions are also very popular nowadays.

Advantages of Shopify:

  • Easy and quick Setup

Shopify is probably the most easiest platform to set up. It can help you to launch your store quickly and easily without going into hassle of server hosting like required in Magento. You don’t need to go deep into development details either. The admin interface is user friendly and clean.

  • Less Technicalities

The good news is that to launch your online store you need quiet less technical knowledge in comparison to other platforms. Apart from this fact it is important to note here that as the hosting solution comes built in, it is professionally more reliable and fast. All the maintenance is handled by Shopify itself. But still you can hire shopify expert to help you.

  • Customer Support

You always have a helping hand in form of customer support. Shopify is big on customer support. It is available 24 hours and seven days.  

  • Mobile Ready

With increasing smartphones there is more traffic from mobiles. And Shopify solution is mobile ready from the beginning. All the themes used in Shopify are mobile responsive.

  • E-commerce platforms

If you are looking to start your own business then the top E-commerce platforms are Shopify, BigCommerce and Magento. These are all E-commerce web-based platforms which ease your life by providing built-in features to start your presence on the Internet right away. Before getting into their pros and cons it is important to see main things required to sell successfully online. The first thing is online presence to display your products, then comes the easy and fast way to reach payment window. And finally, the place where the customer can press the button and buy it. The back end manageability and SEO are also significant. Shopify is the best platform which can provide with all these features. The great thing about Shopify is that it can help you deploy the whole system very quickly. And you can hire Shopify expert very easily as this platform is very famous. Shopify web development is quite easy in comparison to other platforms. Shopify is one of the most fastly growing platforms. The primary reason for its success is that its deployment time is very feasible.

Shopify is the agilest platform which comes with a lot of options for payment integration. Being a leader in the e-commerce platform business helped it to build a very strong base in Shopify app development. To hire Shopify expert is easier than other platforms.

How to build a successful travel website? Follow the golden rules of Laravel

Laravel web application development

Anyone can build a website, but building an attractive, user-friendly and unique interface is not everyone’s piece of cake. Using the latest web development technology, Laravel, it has become easy for the professional developers to create stunning websites that impress the users. Laravel web application development requires expertise and experience with Laravel framework. It is the latest technology based on PHP framework which is used for creating personalized websites.

Travel industry can take tremendous advantage of Laravel application development because it allows them to create attractive, user-friendly and innovative travel websites that create a lasting impression on their visitors. It enables the developers to get free from the spaghetti coding and develop websites having a comprehensive framework. It gives a truly fulfilling, enjoyable and creative experience which is essential for the travel websites. Through the use of Laravel, it is very easier to create customized web applications for the travel industry.

Here are some of the features and benefits of Laravel web application development which can hugely benefit the travel industry applications;

Features and Advantages:

  • By using the Laravel web development platform, the developers can easily create the website. It does not take too much time and effort to complete the website project by using this software.
  • It promotes the traffic to your website because it easily operates on any browser and device without the need of creating any separate application.
  • It has certain flexible characteristics which are incorporated into your web applications including the modular packaging systems which help to simplify the working of the website.
  • It is possible to create various routes by using the name of the similar existing route making it simple to the travel websites to redirect the traffic easily to the same pages.
  • It does not require any special maintenance and paths because this software has an auto loading facility.
  • It helps to develop scalable, rich in features and safe websites and applications which is a necessity for the development of travel websites.
  • The design and development objectives can be achieved through little effort and in short time period.

The Laravel web application development helps the travel industry to develop feature rich, customized yet simple and user-friendly websites in a short span of time with little effort which is a requirement of this industry and attracts a high rate of traffic.

Thousands of home listing? Load them in less than three seconds with AngularJS Summary


It is no new information that angular JS, popularly known as the super heroic java script framework is gaining reputation amongst web developers all around the world. The popularity results computed by “google trends” clearly shows that compared to knockoutJS and single page applications, the versatility and fame of Angularjs is exploding. Angular JS Consulting Services for real estate websites are seeing tremendously positive results after adopting the use of Angularjs for listing. Most developers who started out with strictly using KnockoutJs and JavaScript, but later made the switch to the power packed application of Angularjs has agreed that; the innovation of the technology has increased overall efficiency and quality; leading to delivering quite complex features far more quickly and having fewer bugs.

So why is Angularjs gaining momentum so quickly? The truth is, anyone who works on real estate listing website should take it very seriously and learn more about it— because it’s just the right and the perfect tool to put in your box. Angularjs is straight forward, it gets rid of numerous ceremonies and rituals that come with some other developing languages. For example, if you want to create a test property on a model that you want to bind to your UI, how is that done in various frameworks? In Angularjs this will work seamlessly and reflect what you want to type in the span with no errors.

  • <span
  • <input
  • {{synochronizeThis}}</span></span>

Yes, we all know in real life application you will probably never get the luxury of building an app by using that simple code; but all that is written just to illustrate how straightforward and simple data-binding can be in the world of Angularjs. There is very little ceremony or ritual involved with setting up a model that deals with real estate listing website with Angularjs. You wouldn’t have to explicitly declare all your properties or derive from an existing object and dependencies—for the bulk of the job, all you have to do is pass on what you already have to angular and it works powerfully, it makes use of dirty tracking.

I know you just might be asking, “are there no other frameworks that have gotten better with this”? yes there is, but moving away from our current framework where we have to map everything over to an interim object to data bind to Angularjs is refreshing. Angularjs has to do with duplicating less codes, for example you don’t have to define a listing table, then a listing domain object on the server, then a contact json object that then has to be passed to a contact client side model just to display details about a listing. Angularjs web application development is great for maintaining large systems, whether large real estate listing projects or midsized software projects. Hire Angularjs developer helps in reducing side effects, a side effect occurs when you change something with catastrophic or unexpected results.

4 Amazing Magento E-Commerce Development Trends To Follow In 2018!


The evolution of eCommerce industry has shifted a huge paradigm. The inception of the online e-commerce has not only changed the way brands promote and sell their products and services but has also made shopping quick and easy. Big thanks to such highly interactive and user-friendly Magento e-commerce development platforms.

Although there are plenty of other CMS available in the market, Magento is the leading open source platform chosen by millions of business owners in the e-commerce Industry. Offering tons of themes, features, and extensions, it helps you to customize the web store that helps you to represent your brand the way you want.

So, Are You Looking Forward To Customizing Your Existing Magento E-Commerce Store?

If yes, then hire Magento developer and customize your e-commerce store to represent your brand in an effective way. You can shoot your requirements over (email id) to get best information and quote.

Well, to stay ahead in the competition, just revamping your website isn’t going to work. You need to follow the latest Magento trends to stay ahead at the crest. In this post, we will discuss the latest trends prevailing in the market in 2018.

  1. Personalized Shopping Experience
  • Over past few years, e-commerce brands are focusing more on leveraging personalized shopping experience in a real-time scenario.
  • They collect their valuable customer’s data by accessing their previous buying history, their shopping pattern, heat maps and other details to offer them personalized promotional coupons, recommended products and discounts whenever they land on your site.
  • Such sense of personalization encourages not only generate quality leads but also encourages visitors to turn into potential buyer and continue shopping.
  1. Mobile Commerce Will Dominate
  • Today, people are shifting from desktop to mobile devices. Purchasing decisions have made easy with few clicks.
  • With such increasing mobile trend, it’s quite essential for you for you to create a mobile-first design.
  • A mobile-friendly e-commerce store not only targets more mobile users but will also drive more traffic and sales to your online stores.
  • So, if you want to drive more traffic to your website, creating a mobile-friendly website is highly essential.

  1. Social Selling
  • Social selling is one of the most promising features of the Magento development company that is expected to gain huge leads in 2018.
  • Since Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and Instagram are playing a good role in establishing communication with potential customers; it becomes quite easy to sell out your products on social media platform along with leveraging some extra features like a shop now, latest offers and lot more to generate higher revenues for the business.
  1. Using Pop-Up and Opt-In Form

Adding opt-in forms and pop-ups on website’s landing page on an e-commerce site not only boosts conversion rate but also encourage visitors to kick an action.

So, these are some of the best Magento eCommerce trends for 2018 that will definitely turn your online store into a powerhouse. These trends will help you dominate the entire eCommerce industry and help you generate more leads and sales for your business.

4 WordPress “Must-Have” Plugins You Can’t Afford To Miss Out On 2018


Yeah! The Year 2017 has drawn a successful end. And for the WordPress users and enthusiasts, it has brought a lot more to the table. As 2017 has concluded its journey with some of the biggest WordPress web development announcement and changes, we’ve compiled a roundup of some of the most interesting and fascinating news in our community- the last-changes, improvements, analysis, and development.

Though WordCamp, Envato, and Gutenberg are few of our disclosures that tops our list the most astounding news in November was the latest major release by the WordPress web development companyWordPress 4.9, Tipton.

Yes! You’ve heard right! The long-awaited WordPress 4.9 is finally out with some new and exciting set of features. You can find the list of most significant changes here.

Though 2017 has concluded itself with the significant news we shouldn’t forget that WordPress is known for its extensibility. And determining the right set of plugins adds an extra value to the WordPress website.

In this post, we’ll draw attention to the most important and “must-have” plugins that you can’t afford to miss out in 2018.

Plugins to Watch Out In 2018

1.    Easy Digital Downloads

  • About Plugin:

  • It is one of the most promising plugins that ease digital downloads.


  • Downloads unlimited files, create discount codes and lot more

  • Monitor product download activities

  • Allow customer to purchase multiple downloads simultaneously

  • Generate reports with built-in reporting platform

  • Facilitates PayPal, Mail Chimp, and Stripe integrations

Try Easy Digital Download

2.    Gutenberg

  • About Plugin:

  • The main purpose of this plugin is to add and edit rich and meaningful content on your WordPress website.


  • Entitle features like creating a post, pages, and richer contents types offering high started editor.

  • Customize content through various blocks.

  • Advanced formatting and layout settings.

Try Gutenberg

3.    Cryptocurrency All-In-One

  • About Plugin:

  • The main purpose of this plugin is to handle all the cryptocurrency related issues in a faster and smoother way.


  • Displays candlestick chart of any cryptocurrency

  • Display price including exchange rates. Also, possess inbuilt cryptocurrency calculator.

  • Supports crypto currency like Bitcoin BTC, Litecoin LTC, Ethereum ETH, Namecoin NMC, Novacoin NVC, Peercoin PPC etc.

Try Cryptocurrency All-in-One

4.    Jetpack

  • About Plugin:

  • It helps you to identify your website statistics and analytics and also helps you to improve your site’s traffic engagement.


  • Tools for SEO, website backup and security, content creation and visitor engagement.

  • Automatic sharing on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more.

  • Boost website performance

Try Jetpack

Well, getting one of the best-suited an ideal plugin for your website is quite challenging especially when you aren’t aware of which one is better for you. We hope that our highlights about best WordPress plugins 2018 will help you to pick the best for your organization.

Are You Looking To Get Plugin Integrated With Your WordPress Website?

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Top 5 Abandonment Reasons and Actions Taken To Deal with It

Magento Ecommerce Development CompanyBeing an owner of an established magento web development company, you design a beautiful e-commerce site. You populate it with a number of amazing products and make sure that they are well showcased. You invest a huge amount of time, efforts, and resources to drive visitors to your website. Finally, your efforts pay off – Consumers come, pick and place some items in their shopping cart, head towards checkout and leave the shopping cart.

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the most annoying things that customers do. Below stated aspects are enough to justify the above statement.

  1. Studies research states that 50%-60% of the online shopping cart are abandoned before the checkout process.
  1. A survey result states that almost 75% of the consumers abandoned shopping cart while 65% of the carts are abandoned before checkout.

But why does that happen?

What The Reasons That Lead To Shopping Cart Abandonment?

When some people simply browse your products, checkout your website and you identify a high rate of shopping cart abandonment than you need to have a closer sneak peek at what’s happening.

Below are the arrays of reasons that excite people to leave the shopping cart during the checkout procedure.

  1. High Shipping Charges:

It’s the most common and foremost reasons for people leading to cart abandonment. High shipping charges usually kill conversions.

  1. Expensive Price:

As consumers are always looking for economic product options, highly expensive products usually find hard to increase conversion rates.

  1. Checkout Complexity:

Too many steps involved in checkout process enforce customers to leave the procedure in between.

  1. Complex CTA:

Visitors tend to leave the website if your call to actions fails to guide them with the further steps or procedures.

  1. Limited Payment Options:

Lack of enough payment options leads to cancellation of purchasing order.

Some other factors that lead to the abandonment of cart are:

1. Lack of product information

2. Unsure security features

3. Unspecified delivery time

4. Hidden charges

While shopping cart abandonment is so conventional, it is surprising that merely 20% of the fortune 500 companies have good strategies to re-engage consumers. Any business engaged in magento ecommerce development should know how to optimize shopping cart and pull back abandoned consumers.

So, What Business Owners Can Do To Ensure That Consumers End Up Checking Out?

  1. Provide Free Shipping And Make It Visible:

Practicing free shipping will not only entice consumers to complete their initial purchasing but will also entice them to buy more products.

  1. Make Cart Visible All The Times:

Allowing online shoppers to see their existing cart with filled items will not only reduce abandonment level by 6% to 8% but, it will also help shoppers to access their existing cart rather than navigating on another page.

  1. Reduce Page Counts In Checkout Process:

Try to avoid distracting customers with additional forms, products or questions. Practicing shorter checkout cycle will reduce abandonment level to a greater extent.

  1. Have High-Quality And Interactive Product And Images:

Survey result states that shoppers are always fond of high-quality product images and ability to view them in their own style, color, alternate view and zoom facility. Helping consumers to avail this facility will help you to reduce abandonment rates to a greater extent.

As you can see these tips aren’t just to improve conversion rates instead, it will help you to define better customer experience. Applying few of them would not only boost your sales ratio but provides a better and easy shopping experience to consumers as well.

Do you have anything else to suggest? Want to hire magento developer to redefine your ecommerce store? If yes, do drop us a comment below.